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The Juno

The Juno, a thirty-four gun frigate, entered the service of the Spanish Navy in 1790. On January 15, 1802, Juno set sail from Veracruz bound for Spain. On board Juno were the soldiers of the Third Battalion of the Regiment of Africa, their families, and various civilian officials. The Juno was beset by a ferocious storm and began taking on water.

It encountered the American schooner La Favorita. The two ships sailed together trying to reach an American port before Juno succumbed to her leaks. As Juno continued to take on water, the Captain ordered his passengers and crew to begin transferring to La Favorita. But only seven persons were able to transfer before the storm picked up and Juno was lost in a heavy fog. La Favorita could come close enough only to hear the anguished cries for help as Juno went under.

At least 413 sailors, soldiers, and civilians perished in the sinking of Juno. Spanish authorities ordered an investigation into the sinking, but the location of the wreck was not discovered until Sea Hunt's recent efforts.

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