Aerial view of Coin Beach

"Find George III Coins
CCC Boys gather hundreds of coppers on Delaware Beach
Lewes, Del. Feb. 23 1937

Copper coins issued under the reign of King George III of Great Britain and bearing dates
from 1774 to 1782 were picked up along the oceanfront today near Indian River Inlet, just south of Lewes. Youths from the Lewes CCC camp discovered several hundred coins lying on the beach yesterday and a holiday treasure hunt revealed more.

Others joined the CCC boys in the years following, filling their pockets with old half
pennies. Delaware's Coin Beach continued to attract treasure hunters from afar, not only
because of coppers and artifacts, but because some of the coins were gold and silver.
Most of the silver coins were Spanish reales and pillar dollars; the gold were English Rose Guineas. Delaware's Coin Beach just keeps telling its story...

Typical copper Irish Half Penny
recovered from Coin Beach